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Lucid dreaming has fascinated me for over 20 years.  There was a children’s book,The shaping room, that first turned me on to the concept.  The definitive text on the topic is Stephen LeBerge’s book, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. I met Stephen when I was a Freshman at Stanford.  I wrote a short research paper on lucid dreaming based on interviewing Stephen in person.

What is lucid dreaming?
Lucid dreaming is a special type of dreaming where the dreamer realizes s/he is in a dream.  At its most basic level, this awareness, not the control of the dream itself, is the beginning of lucid dreaming.  As proficiency increases,  the dreamer is able to control certain elements of the dream landscape.

Why lucid dream?
I am always surprised that many people ask me this question.  If there were a company that could enable a virtual reality experience that was as real as life itself, wouldn’t that company be able to sell its product to millions and probably make millions, if not billions, doing so?  Imagine if the XBOX had a “dream reality” option that instead of motion sensing to control the action and seeing the action on a TV screen, you were immersed in the action and controlling the body of the avatar as if it were your own.

How real are lucid dreams?
Some lucid dreams appear to be as real, if not more real, than life itself.  These types of hyper-real lucid dreams are special, but they are powerful, sometimes life-changing experiences.  When I am having one of these intense lucid dreams, I will often examine an object, perhaps it is the grass on which I am standing or the pavement underneath my feet.  For some reason, I often taste the object.  When I do, I find myself saying in the dream, “I can’t believe it!  This really tastes like grass!”

How do you incubate a particular lucid dream?
Dreams are all about intention and suggestion.  If you wish to dream about going to Hawaii at night, put some objects near your bed that remind you of Hawaii.  Before you go to sleep, visualize being there.  If you are lucky enough to get lucid during a dream and you don’t find yourself in Hawaii, spin around and say out loud, “I bet when I’m done spinning I’ll be in Hawaii.”  Take a look around, chances are if you’ve gotten this far you’ll be in Hawaii (or wherever your desired place is).

Are there dangers with lucid dreaming?
There are dangers with anything that is taken to the extreme.  I have read a fair amount of literature on lucid dreaming, talked personally with experts like Stephen LeBerge, Robert Waggoner and attended a lucid dream conference.  I have had hundreds of lucid dreams myself.  Nothing in my experience or research points to inherent dangers of lucid dreaming.   I am an avid runner.  In reading about running, I have found there are those who can become addicted to running.  I imagine there are those who become addicted to having lucid dreams, though I have never met one or read about the problem in books or blogs.

How do I start lucid dreaming?
Sign-up below to receive your free 9 step guide to lucid dreaming.  If you don’t feel like signing up and want the best advice for free, start a dream journal and make it a personal goal to remember up to 3 dreams per night.  This is the best way to get started.  For more than that, sign-up below and read other posts on my blog.


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