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Jonathan (“JB”) Berent is a life-long learner who has dabbled in everything from new age religion to mystic Christianity.  His focus is loving his family and pursuing passions like lucid dreaming, tapping the potential of the mind through nootropics and setting crazy goals like achieving continual awareness day or night.   He recently completed a bucket list goal of becoming a member of Mensa.

He hopes you find these posts interesting and helpful in learning how to lucid dream.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jon,

    just saw your website. Will definitely read though it. Too bad I wasn’t around anymore when you hosted Stephen LaBerge, I would have attended that for sure.
    Lately I haven’t had many LDs but will spend more time on it again after I move to my new place. Is there still an LD group? I hope so…:-)


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