Step 6 – The WILD Method

This weekend I had 4 lucid dreams.  If you have been practicing alongside me with the methods and have had some success, you’ll know how exciting it can be to have your efforts rewarded with some solid experiences.  I would say that the focus on extra sleep (see Step 1.5 – Extend Your Sleep) as well as an increased focus on lucid dreaming has stepped up the number of dreams I’ve had this past month.  The MILD method I used this morning was almost text book.  I woke up around 2 AM with a fairly vivid dream (thanks to taking 2 AlphaBrains – lucid dreaming supplement around 5 PM.)  I took the time to write down the dream, about 1 min.  Then I went back to sleep, but as I did I focused on the desire to remember I was dreaming the next time I was dreaming.  I entered into a very similar dream, but this time it triggered the recognition that it was a dream.

The WILD (Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming) method is very similar to the short-cut method I presented a few posts back.  With this method you shorten the time of your sleep to about 5 hours (if you normally sleep 7 to 8 hours).  You rouse yourself awake by doing some activity that ensures you are really awake.  For example, you might pull out a book on lucid dreaming or visit a website like  You do this for 30 minutes or so.  Then, you attempt to fall back asleep, however you try to maintain consciousness as you fall asleep.  If this sounds weird, the experience is even more bizarre

I first experienced this phenonmena when I would take naps in college.  Sometimes as I was falling asleep, I would hear a loud buzzing sound and then feel a strange tingling sensation throughout my body.  Then I would experience a sense of falling.  At first, I would wake myself up.  Over time, I learned to give into the experience to see what would happen.  Once I was able to just let it happen, I would notice that pictures would start forming in my mind.  I knew I was still “awake” so it was quite surreal.  I actually wondered if I was seeing “visions” as reported in various wisdom literatures throughout time.

Now I know this to be a very common experience for those who wish to lucid dream.  This is the WILD method.  You pass from consciousness with your body awake to consciousness with your body asleep.  Some of the strange sensations have to do with your body falling asleep and becoming paralyzed (so you don’t act out your dreams).   On Saturday AM, I had the opportunity for this.  I woke up at 5;30, but decided to stay in bed to see if I could have a lucid dream.  I kept my body very still and eventually started to feel that heaviness that comes with sleep.  I kept my mind semi-alert and noticed that if I started to picture myself doing a flip, I would actually experience it.  Even though I had no pictures forming, I could tell that my body was falling asleep.  I kept this “spinning” going and eventually the dream landscape appeared.  It was quite a cool experience.

I hope you have had your first lucid dream.  If not, stay motivated.  It will happen and it will be worth it!

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