Strange Encounters While Dreaming

I had a rare experience during a lucid dream last week.  I was flying, but it was not with any visual imagery.  Though unusual, this wasn’t the odd part.  Before I get to that, you may be wondering, how do you know you were flying if you couldn’t see anything?  If you’ve haven’t flown in a dream before, this seems like a completely logical question.  However if you have flown, you probably know the answer to it.  I could feel the wind whooshing around me and I had the distinct sensation of propelling myself forward.  It is hard to describe unless, well, unless you’ve flown before!

As I was flying something dark and threatening attached itself to me.   It did not have a shape or a form that I could see, but I could feel it and perhaps I heard it when it landed on me.  It was not pleasant.  I do not struggle with nightmares, but it did give me empathy for those that do.  As exciting as lucid dreams are because you are not restricted to physical laws of nature, you are also vulnerable to not so savory imaginations your mind concocts for whatever reason.  I did not panic, but I remembered that this was a dream.  Then I summoned as much energy as I could and I blasted all of the energy out of me at once. It worked.  I freed myself from the thing that had attached and then sunk into a dreamless sleep.

This leads to me to an interesting question – what is the best way to handle unpleasant occurrences in a lucid dream?  You will read many accounts of handling nightmares that involve realizing the terrorizing agent is simply an disassociated side of yourself.  Once you realize this, you can embrace the dream character with love and integrate it back into yourself.  I believe this works and is a vital, if not advanced practice.  However, I have had friends who have told me about encounters with strange and powerful dream characters who they could not control.  Up until this experience, I had not met anyone or anything that seemed to have a malicious intent.  I did not get the sense this thing that found me flying in the darkness was a disconnected part of myself that I needed to express love to.  However, maybe I am still missing the point and all such experiences deserve that.

I had just finished Carlos Castaneda’s book Journey to Ixtland a day before the experience.  In it there are references to in-organic beings, or entities as he calls them, who are sometimes friend and sometimes foe when they reveal themselves to us.  Perhaps reading this sowed the seed in my subconscious that led to my experience while flying.  Or maybe it helped prepare me for the encounter.  I’m not sure.  In any case, if you are new to lucid dreaming it is good to be aware of the fact that not all dreams have desirable elements all of the time.  Lucid dreaming does not mean you have 100% control of all the dream material.  Yet, it does mean you do not need to succumb to fear if you do come face to face with something that is menacing or threatening.  If I had to do it over again, I think I would start with love and if that didn’t work, blast it like I did.  I guess that strategy works pretty well in life, too.

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