How do you spot a habit?

There are lots of blog posts around creating a habit.  Various pundits will tell you it takes 45 days, others 3 weeks and others a full year.  They break down the habit into bite-size chunks as if doing something completely new and foreign would easy if only the task small enough.  I have a completely different view

I think habits are forged when in difficult circumstances the tough choice is made.  When I used to run track in High School, I would throw up after each 800M race I would run.  Win or lose, my lunch would pour forth on the ground.  This was not a fun part of the experience for me.  However, it was as unstoppable as my desire to drink the cold Pepsi on the bus ride home after the meet was over.  Something happened to me over those years.  I formed the impression that running was worth it.  The only bite-size chunks in this habit forming activity were the processed bits from 4 hours before.

This morning I had to think of this as I ran into work.  I had a bad headache last night.  I  woke up in the middle of the night with splitting pain in the back of my neck.  I haven’t had a headache like this in probably 3+ years.  Yet, I wanted to run to work this AM.  No, I had to run to work this morning.  Headaches are so universal (I have met 2 people in my life who said they have never had a headache) let me generalize and say this:  when you can carry through on an activity with a headache, you know you’ve got a habit.  Let me know if you spot any habits this week.



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