The Medium – the Antidote to Increased ADHD?

I recently read this article in the NYT about Ev Williams new start-up post-Twitter, Medium.  I read a few of the articles they recommended to me based on my interests.  I found them useful, the right length and thought-provoking.  So much of what I see online is reduced to bite-sized chunks because of our ever shrinking attention span.  ADHD has risen 41% according to the NYT in the last decade.   Twitter feeds and Facebook posts aren’t helping.  However, if Medium takes off, perhaps the right balance between thoughtful writing and respecting our attention will be struck.

I’ve continued mindfulness practices leveraging a new app called, Headspace.  I highly recommend checking it out if you’d like to make progress with a daily practice of meditation or mindfulness.

For lucid dreaming, I’ve been able to practice meditation twice now with the same result – total dream collapse.  I am looking for a new dream task and when I have it, I will let you know.  If you’d like to see me try a dream experiment, just post a comment.  I welcome all ideas.  As strange as it might sound, with an infinite array of possible things to do in a lucid dream, it is hard to actually know which to try.

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