No Sugar, Please

Yesterday I had a cappuccino from my second-favorite place in the Bay Area.  Zoombie Runner is located on California Ave, in Palo Alto.  Though a running store, it has some of the best coffee you will ever have.  The barista is a former ultra-marathoner named Don.  Based on my conversations with him, I don’t think he has time to train anymore given the 90+ hour demands of running a small business.

He had mentioned to me one time that a really good cappuccino does not require sugar.  The flavors of the espresso mixed with the perfected micro foam top will provide exquisite flavor.  Yesterday, I decided to give it a try.

As I did, my thoughts wondered more broadly.  What if we cover up much of the taste in life with “sugars?”  What if life is best experienced without the superficial-feel-good toppings we often add without a second thought?

I recently attended a mindfulness class at Google, Search Inside Yourself.  We practiced a mindful lunch as part of the class.  Simply put, a mindful lunch is enjoyed in silence, with a noticeable pause in-between each shovel of food into the mouth.  After a few minutes, my appreciation was heightened for the healthy greens on my plate.  The green beans were crunchy and simply delicious with a hint of olive oil and sea salt.  The chard was crispy and subtely delicious.  The mac and cheese, on the otherhand, was overpowering with cream screaming for attention.  I hear you already!  My much loved Google ginger ale made with real sugar cane tasted like pure syrup.

I found that during the mindful time the healthy food was the best tasting.  However, when I ended the mindful silence and started engaging with my friend, the subtle tastes were lost and the once tasty chards seemed bland.  The green beans were “OK.”  The mac and cheese was delicious, especially when swished down with a swig of ginger ale.  Perhaps our attention is so focused anywhere but on our food that it takes these overpowering amounts of butter, cream, salt and fat to get our attention, at least a bit.  Perhaps slowing down, being mindful will be the foundation of a new diet fad.  If so, you heard it here first for the “Buddha’s Diet.”

On the dreaming front, I’ve had back to back days of lucid dreams.  Heperzine A and Galantamind are especially helpful in bringing about lucid dreams.  If you have tried lucid dream supplements, give them a shot.  Both can be found on Amazon.

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