Mindfulness and Lucid Dreaming

I am taking a class on Mindfulness at Google called Search Inside Yourself.  I’ve seen my lucid dreaming activity double since practicing 10 min a day mindfulness “sits.”  During these sits, I focus only on breath.  Sometimes I imagine a rainbow of colors, starting with red and working my way to violet, working its way down my body.  After 3 weeks of practice, I am convinced that mindfulness during the day and lucid dreaming at night go together.

Last night I was able to complete a dream task that I had wanted to for some time – meditating in a dream.  The original dream was not lucid, but very involved.  The moment of lucidity came when I was talking to a character in a dream about a dream.  I told the man in the dream (still not lucid) that I had a dream but couldn’t remember it.  He said, “No worry, find  Byzantine and mention 312, she will then be able to tell you the dream.  I thought it was quite odd that someone could tell me my dream with that information.  Then it dawned on me that I was actually in a dream.

I immediately took flight and soared around the room.  There were some stairs and I delighted in the fact I did not have to take them.  The staircase was spiral and I was floating in the middle.  Then I remembered my dream task – to practice a mindful meditation!  So, I sat in the lotus position in mid-air and started to float, or fall quite rapidly down to the ground.  I then focused on my breath.  I was somewhat surprised that I could actually feel my breath in my dream body.  I kept focus on that for a few seconds and then put my mind into a deeper meditation by closing my eyes.  As I did that, the dream world seem to collapse into my brain.  From the outside looking in, it might have looked like a genie being sucked back into its lamp.  The genie in this case was the dream world and my mind was the lamp. I lost consciousness briefly and then woke up.

It was exhilarating to have achieved a dream task (it always is).   Also, the dream task seemed quite meaningful.  The symbolism is interesting – the dream world fit into my mind, and I was “awakened” to that fact by the way the dream ended by my meditation.  It is as if I reached a new level of lucidity – the dream is truly just a product of my mind.  How much is this world, our waking world, the dream world of God?  Does God gain increased consciousness and thus presence and influence through individuals who awaken to the divine within?

Interesting topics for consideration.  Keep on pressing in – lucid dreaming opens a whole new world of exploration.  Keep the comments and questions coming…

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