Dreams – Space for the Divine Outside of Time?

I had what turned out to be an eerie experience last night.  I woke up sometime in the middle of the night (probably around 3 AM PST April 15) and had this vague sense I needed to pray for Boston.  In the groggy state, I wasn’t sure what this meant, but then I remember Nick S, a good friend of mine, was running today in the Marathon.  So I prayed for him (I wish I had written down more details as I’m not sure if I prayed for his safety or what exactly).

When I woke up, I thought it was a bit odd and made a note to myself to text Nick and let him know I was thinking of him.  The day got busy and I didn’t reach out.  That is until I got an alert from the NYT on my phone that a bomb had detonated in Boston leaving 2 dead (at the time) and 20 injured (again at that time).  I couldn’t believe it.  I immediate texted my friend.  He wrote back that he felt the blast but was not injured.  He missed it by 2 minutes.

I have never had this experience before.  It was not a dream, but I was in a dream-like state for sure.  There are many examples in ancient wisdom texts such as the Old Testament where divine knowledge was imparted in dreams.  I have never given much thought to this.  Until now.

Does God still wish to speak to us through dreams?  He’s got my attention.  And thank you God for keeping Nick safe and for 2 other bombs not going off.  People often question why God allows bad things to happen seemingly without any intervention.  In this case, what if many people were stirred unexpectedly to pray?  And what if, through collective prayer of hundreds, if not thousands, many lives were spared today?

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