Caffeine – Another Lucid Dreaming Aide

I had a good experience last weekend with 2 vivid lucid dreams.  I have been wearing the dream mask as mentioned in my last post.  However, what I think led to two exceptionally vivid LDs on Saturday night was the amount of caffeine I had that day.

I’ve significantly reduced my amount of caffeine taken in each day.  I found by doing this I could sleep about 30 min less and still receive the same score on my Zeo sleep machine.  On Saturday, I had caffeine during an 18 mile run in the form of a Gu running gel.  Later that day I had a rare cup of coffee as well.   That night the caffeine kept my sleep from entering as deep of sleep as normal.  This interruption drove some good dreams around 4 AM.   Today I followed pretty much the same pattern – 20 mile run with 50 mg of caffeine and a cup of Peet’s coffee.  Lets see what happens tonight!

For me, interrupting my natural sleep either through caffeine, the REM Dreamer or segmented sleep seem to be the best way to increase my chances of attaining lucidity. What are your best ways?  Let me know what’s working and I can publish them in a future post.

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