Lucid Dream Aids

This weekend I pulled out my REM Dreamer  from the nightstand drawer.  I’ve worn it the past two nights with some mixed success.  One night I had a lucid dream, but did not wake up soon enough to record it and thus I don’t remember much.  Last night, I used it and can’t remember a single dream.  Given the hefty price tag ($200), I had expected more from it when I bought it over a year ago.  However, I wonder if I haven’t given it a fair shot?

My next experiment is going to track my lucid dreams over the next 30 days to see if using the REM Dreamer causes any uplift.  For those who haven’t seen or heard of this device, it is quite ingenious in theory.  You wear it like a sleep mask.  It has two sensors that pick up when you are in REM sleep.  It has two red LED lights that flash when you are in REM.  The idea is that in your dream you should see something flashing (your mind is trained to keep you asleep, so it incorporates external stimuli into the dream itself).  You train yourself to look for those clues in the dream (a large ball of light in the sky that is red instead of yellow, or the lights in a house flashing on and off).  Once you recognize the clue, you become lucid in the dream and off you go.

I have probably used it 30 to 40 times since I purchased it.  I have never seen lights in the dreams, but I do remember it having a positive affect on the frequency of the times I became lucid.  My last experiment, increasing sleep by 30 min, did have a positive impact (about 25% increase in LDs).  Lets see if the REM Dreamer can have an even bigger one.

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