Double Dream

I don’t think I’ve had this experience before.  I was inside a dream (non-lucid) talking to someone in a room where there was a bed.  At some point in the conversation, I decided I was tired enough that I wanted to lie down and go to sleep.  As I did, I started to experience the same feelings plunging into darkness in hopes of finding my way to a lucid dream.  I finally did “breakthrough” and enter into a lucid dream briefly.

In this dream within a dream, I was crawling around what looked like the underside of a house, but really must have been the basement of my mind.  The strangest part to me is that when I woke from the lucid dream, the woman I had been talking to (a friend from high school) was still there and I didn’t realize that this was a dream to.  To recap, regular dream, the lucid dream within the dream, the back to the same original dream.  This is very unlikely given how unstable the dream world is.  I also find it amusing that I recognized  one layer of dreams, but not the second.

I wonder if anyone else has had dream within the dreams and what their experience was.  Let me know!


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