Not Always What You Expect

Some people critic lucid dreaming because they say it takes away from the subconscious’ ability to communicate to us through its natural, spontaneous language of symbolism.  Those critics have not had much experience lucid dreaming.  Even though in a lucid dream the dreamer and can influence the dream, 90% of the content is still populated from the subconscious.  In this respect, lucid dreaming is very much like it is portrayed in the movie, Inception.

Let me give an example that is relevant to my previous post.  A couple nights ago I became lucid and remembered my next dream task was to try the verbal command – “Show me unconditional love.”  I was in a field, similar to one I remember growing up nearby.  After I issued the command, I saw a swirl of black smoke in the sky.  It started spiraling toward me.  My first thought was that it looked very much like the smoke monster in the TV series, Lost.  Expectation does lead to action in dreams, so the swirling smoke did come right at me as if it were the smoke monster and then it swallowed me up.  In then sucked me into the sky like a powerful hurricane might do.  I was scared, but I was unharmed.

Why did my subconscious choose this imagery and experience for the command “show me unconditional love?”  When I shared it with one fellow dreamer, she mentioned that unconditional love can be scary.  When I think about it, unconditional love is something so few people experience on any regular basis.  Our society is built on conditions – pay this, get that.  Help me, I’ll help you.  Be pretty enough, successful enough, kind enough, helpful enough, funny enough and people will like you.  Perhaps she is right – unconditional love is so unusual, that it is scary.

As I write this blog I am reminded of a song we sing at our church sometimes.  There is a line that says, “your love is a hurricane and I am a tree / bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.”  I found this version of the song on YouTube and hadn’t heard the backstory of the song before.  Now that I know the backstory, I have a whole other layer to think about my dream and my conception of unconditional love.  I plan to go back and watch some of the Lost episodes to understand more about the smoke monster as well.  In short, I could spend weeks analyzing the aspects of this lucid dream I did not control.

The next topic I will focus on is leveraging the dream state to dialogue with the subconscious.  If you haven’t read my original post, I would encourage you to start there.  This aspect of lucid dreaming is perhaps the one I am most excited about and is the least known and practiced in the lucid dreaming world.

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  1. JB- wow. That’s an incredible symbol of unconditional love. So much is packed into that terrifying image. Thanks for sharing this.


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