It started with a question.  “Can the mind be hacked?”  Reflecting back, it is a strange question.  But not so strange for a dream.  Yet, this was no ordinary dream.  It was a lucid dream, meaning it was a dream where I was aware I was dreaming.

Not only was I aware that I was dreaming, I had brought into this altered state of consciousness a task, a dream task.  The task was to interact directly with my subconscious mind.

Not possible?  It is.  I’ve done it.  This ability to have a discourse with one’s own subconscious mind is perhaps one of the greatest discoveries I have experienced in my life.  With this portal to the subconscious via a heightened dream state, human potential has new possibilities.  These possibilities are as limitless as the mind itself.  They are as unknown and untapped as the subconscious itself.

It was this experience that triggered a series of events that has led to this day.  Today, I welcome you to – a place to read about my journey in tapping the vast potential we have within us.  My hope is to inspire and challenge others to find ways to realize their God-given potential.  Thanks for reading.

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