Segmented Sleep: Part III in Getting Lucid Series

I’ve been holding back.  And there is no excuse.  There is a short-cut to lucid dreaming that some of you will want to try tonight.  Stephen LeBerge’s research showed this method to be 40% effective in the sleep lab.  Below is the step-by-step guide that I personally believe will work for 90% of my readers within 3 nights.

1.  Set an alarm to wake up up 5 hours after going bed tonight.

2.  Get up after 5 hours of sleep.  Read about lucid dreaming for 10 min.

3. Get back in bed and mentally rehearse the lucid dream you want to have for 5 min.  Eyes open.

4.  Close your eyes and repeat this phrase a 4 – 5 times silently, “Next time I am dreaming, I want to remember that I am dreaming.”

5.  Be patient and don’t look at the clock.  You will fall back asleep.  It may take up to an hour.

4/10 people who try that method are successful in entering a lucid dream.  If this doesn’t work for you, there is one more way to supercharge this.  Of course you will need to wait for the next post to find out….