Lucid Dreaming Experiments

One of the most fascinating things you can do with lucid dreaming are planned experiments.  Most people probably think this is impossible, but it is not.  You can plan to do a certain thing, or experience a certain activity the night before.  Here are some of the experiments I’ve done over the last couple years:

1) Shape shift – I turned myself into another animal to see what it feels like.
2) Meet my younger self – I met a younger (much younger) version of myself.
3) Conversations my subconscious – My all-time favorite lucid dreams are conversations with this unconscious self
4) “Show me something amazing” – this command issued to no one in particular results in truly incredible scenes being created
5) “Show me unconditional love” – lucid dreams potential for spiritual exploration is untapped by most lucid dreamers I know or have read about
6) Talking to God – it took me a number of attempts, but finally had a conversation with “God,” who I believe was a projection of my subconscious, but interesting nonetheless
7) Summoning – I have been able to meet with people I wanted to meet with.

For 2014, here are my top dream experiments I plan to conduct during lucid dreams:
1) Experience “cosmic consciousness” as described by Alan Watts in “This Is It”
2) Dream telepathy with a friend
3) Pray for healing for a friend
4) Another conversation with God
5) Conversing a famous person in history

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Subliminal v Supraliminal

With the slowdown of the holidays I’ve been able to enjoy some nighttime reading.  I completed Oliver Sack’s book, Hallucinations.    He was the author of the book, Awakenings, which was made into a popular movie by the same name.  The main point of the book is that hallucinations are much more common than we suspect and usually happen to people who are completely sane and free of psychosis.

Another book I am reading is the Irreducible Mind.  This is fascinating.  I cannot believe this book did not garner more attention when it was published in 2009.  Its basic thesis is that the body of scientific evidence refutes common understanding that the mind and brain are essentially one in the same.  He explores subjects that most scientists would consider charlatanry such as faith healings, automatic writings and telepathy.  Much of the work was inspired by F.W.H Myers, who is one of the pioneers of psychical research.  Myers brought Freud’s work to the British public at the turn of the century and coined the terms supraliminal and subliminal for essentially the conscious and subconscious minds respectively.  For those that don’t know, academic research into these types of areas still exist at the Rhine Institute, originally part of Duke University’s parapsychology department.

One of the most interesting points in the book for lucid dreamers is Myers belief that through dreams everyone accesses the spiritual world of the subliminal.  He also wrote that we should strive to become conscious in dreams to perform experiments.  He personally tried 3000 times and only achieved lucidity 3 times.  How he would love access to the thousands of oneironauts who can do exactly this!  I am inspired to put the books down a get a bit more sleep to try some of these experiments.  My next post will be the top 5 experiments I plan to do in 2014.  If you have suggestions, don’t be shy.  Send me an email or post a comment.