Top 10 Steps to Gain Lucidity

Thanks to those who have recently subscribed to this blog.  This post if for you.  I’ll sum up the best ways I’ve found to gain lucidity.

10.  Make an intention to remember your dreams.  Every night.  Keep at it until you can remember one dream every night for one week.  After that, resolve to remember 2 dreams.  If you can remember 3 dreams a night, you are well on your way to become an avid lucid dreamer.

9.  Create a sacred space for dream recording.  Buy a separate journal and pen.  Buy a special flashlight that can be used to record dreams in the nighttime.  You might even put in your sacred space some symbol, a piece of artwork, or something form your past that has positive emotional significance to you.

8.  Start sleeping a minimum of 7.5 hours/night, if you do not already.  You cannot have meaningful lucid dreams without long periods of REM, which typically come after 7 hours of sleeping.  My number of lucid dreams dramatically increase when I am sleeping 8 hours a night ore more.

7.  Buy a vibrating alarm watch (or use the Jawbone UP) so you can wake yourself up without noise in the middle of the night.  Using this comes later.  Buy one now to get ready.

6.  Tell yourself before going to bed, “Tonight, I want to remember I am dreaming, when I am dreaming.”  Say it several times and put as much intention behind it as possible.

5.  When you first wake up, do not move, do not open your eyes.  Simply ask yourself, “What was I dreaming?”  Rehearse the dream so you know it well.  Then, slowly grab your flashlight and turn it on to record the dream.  After recording it, close your eyes and tell yourself you want to back to sleep and this time, “when I am dreaming, I want to remember that I am dreaming.”  If you are able to fall back asleep, you have dramatically increased your odds of having a lucid dream.

4.  Now use that vibrating alarm and set it to 4.5 hours after going to sleep.  When you wake up, practice number 5.  You should be able to go back to sleep since you have not had your full quota of sleep yet.  If after trying this 2 times without success, try staying up about 20 minutes after writing down the dream.  Think only of lucid dreaming.  Check out a lucid dreaming blog.  Think of the scenario you want to lucid dream about.  After 20 min of this, go back to sleep.  This is the most successful method proven to date for lucid dreaming.  It is also referred to as the Wake-Back-To-Bed method.

3.  Start asking yourself throughout the day, “Am I dreaming?”  Really question reality.  Perform a reality check, like trying to levitate yourself or another object.

2.  Believe that lucid dreaming is easy and that you will attain lucidity soon.  It takes patience, practice and persistance.

1.  Find someone else that is trying to get lucid on a regular basis.  The best thing for me is having someone to talk about lucid dreaming with on a weekly basis.  Without this support structure, lucid dreaming always seems to fade.  As exciting as it is, for some reason it is easy to not do all of the steps above and lose the interest and discipline necessary to lucid dream.

Let me know if the above helps you.  The above steps have helped me achieve about 2 lucid dreams a week.  I aspire to being able to do it on-demand.  If you get to that point, start a blog and tell me about it.