Why lucid dreaming is so easy…

The first thing to know and truly believe about lucid dreaming is that it is easy.  It doesn’t cost anything.  It doesn’t require extra time during the day to practice or learn.  Finally, it doesn’t require physical exertion.  OK, but what about your last post when you said it was hard?

If you have tried to lucid dream and failed, my last post is to connect with you (I’ve been there).  If you have never tried, then the most important thing to remember is that it can be done and with a little practice, it is easy.

Response to #1 – No social rewards.  A good friend named Nick and myself meet at least 2x a month to chat about our dreams, especially the lucid ones.  The best way to increase the social reward factor for motivation is to fine some other people who like to lucid dream.  If you can’t find it in your circle of friends or the workplace, try a community like dreamviews.com.  I bet if you start talking about it at work, people will listen.  You might just find some other like-minded folks who want to learn.  When I am feeling a definite lack of inspiration, Nick is usually right there giving some juice by telling me about his latest lucid dream.  And if he is not, it is great to commiserate and brainstorm new approaches.   For example, on Friday we decided we needed a definitive dream task.  So we came up with one on Friday and on Saturday night I got lucid and accomplished the dream task.  BTW, for those who follow my blog I did the task I mentioned awhile back, “Show me unconditional love…”

Response to #2 – Lucid dream requires good quality sleep.  It certainly does.  Friday night I slept 8 hours and last night I slept 9 hours.  It is so much easier to dream and become lucid with lots of sleep.  Why?  The REM cycles get longer as the evening progresses.  Would you rather watch a movie with an action hero or be the action hero?  Would you rather read a piece of fiction that touches your soul, or actually travel to a place so far inward you can literally touch your soul?  Lucid dream offers things that are not available in waking life.  It is worth turning off the TV, computer or whatever else is eating up that extra hour of sleep.

Response to #3 – Lucid dreams fade from memory.  In addition to talking about them with friends, write them down in your journal.  They are much more real if you write them down immediately, talk about them later that day and then reflect on the meaning of them at some point in the future.  No, they are not as deep as physical memories.  But you can reinforce them and strengthen them with these practices.

Believe it is easy and it will be.  I was inspired by this video and decided to keep the mindset on Saturday of “Lucid dream is easy.”  It certainly is easier than commanding someone to stop walking without them knowing it…take a look.