Visualization Before Bed

The Google Lucid Dreaming group recently met after being inspired by the LD tech talk delivered the week before.  One of the techniques we plan to use is visualizing the dream you wish to have right before falling asleep.  I’ve used this technique a few times with success so far.  It has not resulted in that exact dream, but I think the act of visualizing causes the mind to pay more attention to dreams and up the ante for the desire for a lucid dream.

This weekend I was traveling with my wife in Sonoma.  Besides have a great time during the day, I had a nice long lucid dream at night.  So many people ask me (to my surprise) why lucid dream?  If instead of massage chairs available for $1/minute at airports there were virtual reality machines where you could feel like you were actually doing any of the following – meeting a person from history, sky-diving, driving a race car, lounging by a beach – do you think people would pay $1/min for this?  Probably more like $5 to $10/min.

After the lucid dream, I was refreshed and encouraged that lucid dreams were not beyond my grasp.  If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, or this is your first post, know that I am just like you – wanting to lucid dream more.  It is something that requires persistance and drive.  But it is worth the effort – trust me.